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What’s the first thing you notice about another person’s smile? If you’re like most folks, it’s the color of their teeth. While white is the most widely accepted standard for beauty in teeth, though, many of us have experienced the dismay of realizing that our smiles have become discolored with the passage of time.

It can happen to anyone. Whether it’s because of the consumption of certain foods or beverages, or because you haven’t kept up with your oral hygiene regimen as well as you should, teeth are susceptible to dulling in color, or transitioning to a more off-white or yellowed pigment. The good news is that you don’t have to live with problems like these forever. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to restore your teeth to their former bright, pearly-white glory.

How is this accomplished? Take a look at a few of the following methods for whitening your teeth:

Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening In Our Lakewood Dentist Office

Having a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure done in-office is generally the most reliable means of improving the look of your smile. This is a very popular and common treatment that is non-invasive, fast, and effective. You’ll notice very significant results within a short window of time. The procedure typically involves the use of a highly concentrated volume of peroxide gel. Before the gel is applied to your teeth, your gums will be protected with a rubber dam. The gel only takes a few moments to be applied, and from there you will be required to let the gel sit for several intervals of 15-20 minutes. The total amount of time spent on whitening your teeth in-house will likely end up being approximately one hour. For teeth that have been particularly stained, you may need to make one or more return visits to correct the issue.

Professional Take-Home Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

If the idea of coming into the office doesn’t work for your schedule, you may be able to talk to your dentist about purchasing take-home cosmetic whitening kits. These are kits that have been approved for use by your dentist. He will likely wish to consult with you in order to explain how to use the kit for the best results. Usually, the kits include a lower-concentration peroxide gel which must be left on teeth overnight. You may need to follow up with your dentist to evaluate how well the gel worked to whiten your teeth.

OTC Teeth Whitening Kits

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can also be used, although they may not be as reliable as those offered through your dental professional. While you may notice results, they may not be as significant, and your teeth may need to be touched up more frequently than had you gone through a dental professional.

Keep in mind that while teeth whitening can make a huge difference on the color of your teeth, the results are not permanent. Be sure to talk to your dentist about the frequency with which you’ll need to have your teeth touched up. He can also provide recommendations for properly caring for your teeth in order to extend the effects and keep your smile as white as possible.

With so many exciting options for whitening your teeth, the only question that remains is: what in the world are you waiting for? Making the decision to whiten your teeth can drastically improve your confidence and appearance. Regardless of which method you select for teeth whitening, though, it’s very important to consult with a professional. Dr. Mike Lueck is happy to discuss your options with you and is more than qualified to perform a cosmetic whitening procedure in hist south Lakewood Dentist Office. Give us a call for a consult today!